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Republic of Texas Ride Route Plan
May 2005 & September 2006

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Republic of  Texas Ride (Washington on the Brazos; Hunstville)   

The Ride: A ride that covered 350 miles over two days through south central and southeast Texas to discover and visit Republic of Texas historic sites. The ride departed from Austin and took us to Burton, Independence, Brenham, Chappell Hill, Washington, and Huntsville on scenic roads FM 390 and FM 50, with stops at the Burton Cotton Gin, Independence Baptist Church, Old Baylor College, Blue Bell Creamery, Washington On The Brazos State Historic Site, Huntsville Historic District, Sam Houston Memorial Monument and Gravesite, and the Texas Prison Museum.

Friday Day 1; Austin to Washington on the Brazos, Huntsville;  191 mi., 5 hrs

7:30 a.m., depart from McDonalds @ US 290 in Elgin
East on 290 53 mi. to Burton
Turn left onto Washington St
Turn right onto N Main St   
Burton Café (Breakfast)
POI: Farmer’s Gin and Museum
POI: Burton Historic District

Get on N Main St and drive northwest 20 mi. to Independence

Turn right onto Scenic Hwy 390



Independence (Gas Stop)

Turn left onto Old Baylor College Rd; then right.

  • Old Baylor College Ruins (FM 50)
  • Old Baylor Park (Female Campus)
  • Windmill Hill (Men’s Campus across street)
  • Coles Settlement

Continue on 390 to Independence

  • Independence Baptist Church (Pew with Sam/Margaret Houston’s initials)
  • Margaret Houston Gravesite
  • Independence Food Center & Bar
  • Independence Cemetary (CR 60) 1 mi. N on Coles-McCronklin Rd from Baylor Ruins

Get on Hwy 50 and drive south

  • Antique Rose Emporium (FM 50)

Turn right onto Hwy 105 11 mi. to Brenham      

Brenham (Gas Stop)

Turn left onto N Horton St (Loop 577)   

  • Blue Bell Creamery (Quick Pic Stop)  

Keep left onto Hwy 577

Turn left onto US 290 E

Turn left onto Hwy 2447 drive 9 mi. east to Chappell Hill           

Chappell Hill

  • Bever’s Kitchen (Lunch)
  • Texana Cigar and Coffee Shop (5080 Main St.)
  • Providence Baptist Church (Main St.)
  • Old Rock Store (Main St.)
  • Chappell Hill Historical District

Backtrack on Hwy 2447 to 1155           

Turn left onto Hwy 1155 north 20 mi. to Washington


Turn right onto Hwy 1155         



Turn right onto Hwy P12          

  • Washington on the Brazos State Park
  • Independence Hall
  • Star of Republic Museum
  • Barrington Living History Farm

Turn right onto Hwy 1155         

Turn right onto Hwy 105 drive north      

Keep left onto Hwy 90 

Turn right onto Hwy 30 


Lodging: Holiday Inn Express

Continue on 30; Rd to left by Dennys before I45

201 West Hill Park Circle 


Saturday,:  Morning in Huntsville



  • Sam Houston Memorial Museum, 19th & San Houston Ave. (Sam Houston’s Home)
  • Sam Houston Monument & Visitor’s Center, Sam Houston Ave., Hwy 75 South, Exit 109
  • Walker County Courthouse
  • Walls Penitentiary Unit
  • Texas Prison Rodeo Grounds
  • Oakwood Cemetery, Avenue I @ 9th Street; Sam Houston GSite, Rawley Powell Christ Statue
  • Texas Prison Museum, 491 Hwy 75 North (Old Sparky)
  • Peckerwood Hill Cemetery (unclaimed inmates); Bowers Blvd off Sam Houston Ave.
  • Looney’s Customs (Motorcycles and Guitars) on the Square
  • Ahysen Mural, largest free standing painting in U.S.; Downtown
  • Lunch Options: Café Texan (square); New Zion Baptist Church Barbecue, 2601 Montgomery St.; Down Home Cookin (1755 US 190)


After Lunch--Return to Austin 154 mi., 3 ½ hrs


Get on 11th St (Hwy 190) and drive west           


Get on Hwy 30 and drive west  




Keep left onto E Wm J Bryan Pky

Get on Highway 21 southwest   

Caldwell (Gas Stop)

Turn right onto Hwy 696


Turn right onto US 77-Br          

Turn left onto 1st St      

Turn left onto 7th St      

Keep left onto Hwy 696 W       


Turn right onto US 290 

Best way home

Note: Republic of Texas Int'l Boundary Marker located on FM 31 south of Deadwood at the Texas/Louisiana Border



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