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Piney Woods Ride Route Plan May 2006

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Piney Woods Ride Route Plan: Friday – Saturday

The Ride: A brothers ride that covered two days and 248 miles departing from Center, Texas. The ride took us to Marshall, historic Jefferson, Lake O' the Pines, Caddo Lake State Park, the historic Scottsville Cemetery & Chapel, T.C. Lindsey's General Store, and the gravesite of Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter near Leigh. While in Marshall, we found the burial plot of our Great Great Great grandfather, Frederick Hardin Miller, who moved to Marhsall in 1837 while Texas was a Republic.

Start of Ride: Center, Texas
Friday -  Center to Marshall, Jefferson  129 mi., 4 hrs.

POI: Hawkins Grocery @ FM 450/449, Fugler’s Grocery/Home of Bubba Burger; Marshall; Search for GGG Grandfather's Gravesite; Lake O’ the Pines; Ferrell’s Bridge Overlook; Jefferson   
Hwy 96 to Carthage
Turn left onto E Panola St        
Turn right onto N St Mary St   
Turn left onto Cottage Rd/572 Spur     
Turn right onto Hwy 149 north
Turn right onto Hwy 43 northeast
Turn left onto Hwy 2625 southwest      
Get on Hwy 450 and drive north to Hallsville
Hallsville (Break/Gas Stop)
POI: Hawkins Grocery (FM 450/449)
Continue on 450 north
Little Cyprus Bayou
Turn right onto Hwy 2208 northeast
Turn right onto Hwy 154 southeast
POI: Fugler’s Grocery (Bubba Burger)
Turn right onto Old Hwy 154   
Bear left onto Harleton Rd       
Turn left onto Highbridge St     
Turn left onto W Grand Ave    
Marshall (Historical District)
POI: GGG Grandfather gravesite  
Backtrack west on Grand Ave
Turn right onto Hwy 1997/N Grove St; drive north       
Turn left onto 390 Loop west
Turn right onto Hwy 1997 north
Turn left onto Hwy 3001 west  
Turn right onto Hwy 726
POI: Lake O’ the Pines
POI: Ferrell’s Bridge/Spillway Overlook on left
Turn right onto Hwy 729 east   
Turn right onto Hwy 49 southeast
Turn left onto N Walcott St      
POI: Excelsior Hotel Register Entry
Lodging: Jefferson Hotel

Saturday: Jefferson to Center  119 mi., 3 – 3 ½ hrs
POI: Caddo Lake State Park; Leadbelly Gravesite; T.C. Lindsey & Co. Store; Historic Scottsville Cemetery/Chapel & Plantation Home
Get on Hwy 49/E Broadway St and drive east
Turn right onto Hwy 134/N Polk St
Keep left onto Hwy 134 southeast
Continue on Hwy 2198
POI: Caddo Lake State Park (Only NaturalLake in Tx)
Bear right on Old Fm-134 and drive south
Keep left onto Hwy 134
Turn left onto Hwy 1999 east
Continue on Pr-6 and drive east
POI: Shiloh Baptist Church: Leadbelly’s Gravesite
Turn right onto Hwy 169 south
Turn right onto US 80   west
Continue on US 80 northwest  
Turn right onto Hwy 134 north
Jonesville (Gas/Break stop)
POI: T.C. Lindsey & Co. Store; Old Cotton Gin (across street)
Continue on Hwy 134 northwest
Turn left onto Hwy 1998 drive west
POI: Historic Scottsville Cemetery & Chapel (Weeping Angel)
POI: Trail to William Scott Plantation Home & Cabin
Get on Hwy 2199 and drive south        
Turn left onto Hwy 31   south
Elysian Fields   
Continue on Hwy 31
Turn right onto US 79
Turn left onto Lasalle Pky SE Loop
Turn left onto US 59-Br           
Get on US 59 and drive south  


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