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The Lone Star Revolution Ride Route Plan
May 2008

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Lone Star Revolution Ride Route Plan

The Ride: A 340 mile ride to the historic towns of La Grange, Cuero, Goliad, Victoria and Gonzales to visit the historic battlefields and forts and honor the Texans who fought and died in the revolution to establish and preserve the Republic of Texas. The ride took us to Monument Hill and Memorial in La Grange, the resting place of the Texans who died in the Dawson Massacre, the Mier Expedition and the infamous Black Bean Death Lottery, and included a visit to the historic Kreische Brewery. The ride included visits to the historic Fayette, Cuero, Goliad, Victoria and Gonzales county Courthouses, and the famed Gonzales County Jail; and, visits to the Presidio La Bahia and James W. Fannin Gravesite and Memorial. The last leg of the ride included a visit to Gonzales, the “Birthplace of the Republic of Texas” and the site of the “Come and Take It” Cannon incident.

Day 1: To La Grange, Cuero, Goliad and Victoria; 192 mi., 7 – 7 ½ hrs
From Austin, get on US-290E and drive east to Manor            
Turn right onto W Murray Ave 
Turn right onto N Lexington St 
Breakfast: Ramos Restaurant   
Continue on N Lexington to Parsons
Left on Parsons
Right on Manor
Left on Blake Manor to 969    
Turn left onto Hwy 21/71
Take ramp to the right towards Fm-609/Tx-71-Br/La Grange  
La Grange
POI: Fayette County Courthouse
POI: Historic County Jail
Continue South on 77
Right on 92 Spur
POI: Monument Hill Historic Site; Memorial to those killed
in Dawson Massacre; Meir Expedition (Black Bean Death Lottery)
POI: Kreische Brewery State Historic Site
Backtrack to 77
Get on US 77 and drive southeast                    
Turn right on East 4th st
Keep Left on US 77-Alt Southwest
Turn right onto Lockhart Cemetery Rd             
Turn left onto US 183
POI: Cuero Courthouse (DeWitt)        
Keep left onto US 183            
Turn right onto US 59  
POI: Goliad County Courthouse
POI: Presidio La Bahia (South on 183)
POI: Mission Espiritu Santo Archaeological Site (Optional)
POI: Schoerder Hall; 12516 FM 622 (Optional)
Last POI Stop: James Fannin Historical Site (East on 59)
Continue on US 59 to Victoria
POI: Victoria County Courthouse (115 N. Bridge)
POI: Historic Downtown District
POI: St. Mary’s Church
Lodging: Friendly Oaks B & B

Day 2: To Gonzales, Austin  134 mi., 5 – 5 ½ hrs
Get on E Juan Linn St and drive west               
Turn right onto S Bridge St                  
POI: Victoria Courthouse                    
Get on N Bridge St and drive north                  
Turn left onto W Forrest St                  
Turn right onto N Moody St                
Turn left onto N Main St
Go 87 Northwest                    
Turn right onto US 183            
Keep right onto State Highway 97 E                
POI: Gonzales County Courthouse
POI: Old Jail Museum
POI: Gonzales Memorial Museum (The Cannon)
Lunch: Gonzales Food Market
POI: Old Gonzales Cemetery
Get on US 183-Br and drive north

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