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Holy Trinity 2007 Ride Route Plan
March 2007

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Holy Trinity Ride: Thursday – Saturday

The Ride: A ride that covered 545 miles over three days through the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The ride departed from Austin and took us on the famous "Holy Trinity" of roads including FM 335, 336 and 337, traveling through the historic and beautiful towns of Blanco, Boerne, Bandera, Medina, Leakey, Utopia, Camp Wood, Hunt, Kerrville, Comfort, Grapetown and Luckenbach, with a lunch stop at the OST Restaurant in Bandera.

Thursday,    (189 mi., 7  - 7 ½  hrs).
POI: Blanco, Boerne, Polly’s Chapel (Pipe Creek),  Bandera, Leakey, Concan
Meet at Waterloo Ice 71 to 3238
Left on 12house 7:30 a.m., Loop 360 @ RR 2222
2244 to
Right on 290 West to Henly 
Left on 165
Left on Chandler
Left on 281 South
Right on 473 to Kendalia
Left on 474 to Boerne
Quick Coffee Stop: Bear Moon Bakery
Southwest on E.Theissen St.
Left on 87
Right on 46
Right on 16
Pipe Creek
Right on Privilege Creek Rd.
Left on Old School Rd.
Right on Polly’s Chapel Rd.
POI: Polly’s Chapel
Backtrack: Left on Old School Rd
Right on Privilege Creek Rd
Right on 16
POI: Old Spanish Trail Restaurant (John Wayne’s Room)
Left on 337 to Medina
Right on 187
POI: Lone Star Motorcycle Museum
Backtrack to 337 and take right
Rio Frio (The Big Tree)
POI: Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop
Dinner: House Pasture Steakhouse, ConcanFriday  (155 mi., 7 – 7 ½ hrs)
POI: The Holy Trinity Loop, Utopia Side Trip
337 to Camp Wood
Right on 55
Right on 335 (The roller coaster)
Right on 41
Right on 336 to Leakey
Side trip: 1050 to Utopia
Dinner: Vinny’s in Leakey (Top 10 places to eat in Ride Texas)Saturday – Return Home via Comfort, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg
( 201 mi., 7 – 7 ½ hrs)
Hwy 83 N
Right on Hwy 39 to Hwy 27
To Kerrville
Take 1341 to Comfort
POI: Treue Der Union Monument (Left on High St. to Second Ave.)
Backtrack  to 27; Left on 473 East
Left on Old No. 9 Hwy (Old San Antonio Rd)
POI: Old Railroad Tunnel Bat Observatory 
Right on Old Grapetown Rd.
Right on 1376 to Luckenbach
Lunch Stop: Luckenbach
Hwy 1376 to Hwy 290 (Gas Stop, if lunch at Luckenbach)
290 to Johnson City
Left on Hwy 281 to Roundtop (Last Break/Gas Stop)
Right on 962
Left at Cypress Mill
To Hwy 71/620
Best Ride Home
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