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Dinosaur Valley Ride Route Plan
March 2006

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Dinosaur Valley Ride Route Plan (Hico; Granbury; Glen Rose; Dinosaur Valley State Park)  

The Ride: Easyglide, Ghostbuster and Bryan covered 400 miles over two days through north central Texas. The ride departed from Austin and took us to Hico, Lipan, Granbury and Glen Rose on scenic roads FM 1188, 1189 and FM 4, with stops at the Dinosaur Valley State Park, Creation Evidence Museum, Windmill Farms, and the beautiful historic districts of Granbury and Glen Rose. Our meal stops included the Koffee Kup in Hico, and Two Grannies Cafe in Glen Rose, where the Ice Tea and Hugs are free.

Depart Friday, Day 1 From Austin 236 mi., 6 – 6 ½  hrs.
Meet at Rudy’s Barbecue 7:30 a.m. Hwy 183 North
Get on US 183 North
Lampasas; 58 mi.
Keep to right onto US 281 N
Evant; 28 mi.
Olin;  11 mi.
Hico; 10 mi.
Break/Gas Stop (Famous Koffee Kup)
Get on Hwy  6 East
Left on 220  4 mi.
Left on 2481  24 mi. to Bluffdale
Turn left onto Church St           
Turn right onto Holmes St         
Turn left onto Church St           
Turn left onto US 377   
Turn right onto Cr-159  
Turn right onto Hwy 1188 NW
Keep right onto Hwy 1189 NE for 11 mi.           
Right at Hwy 1189/Hwy 4 to Lipan
Lipan (Break Stop/Billy’s Market)
Continue Hwy 4 for 18 mi. to Granbury
Thorp Spring
Turn right onto N Houston St    
Turn right onto W Pearl St        
Turn left onto Hwy 144 
(Lunch/Gas Stop/Tour Historical District/Side Trip 
Lunch Options: Grumps; Nutshell Eatery/Bakery
Granbury Side Trip: Tolar Windmill Farm Loop
Get on 377 West  4 mi.
Right on Colony Rd for 5 mi.
Left on Tolar Rd
Left on Hwy 377 back to Granbury
Depart for Glen Rose
Get on Hwy 144 south  14 mi.
Left on US67 W to Dinosaur Valley Inn (Check In)
Glen Rose
POI: Historic District
The “Promise” Amphitheater; Off 67 on Bo Gibbs Dr.
Dinner Options: Two Grannies, 107 Barnard; Ranch House BBQ; Stringfellow’s
POI: Dinosaur Valley State Park
POI: Creation Evidence Museum (On Park Rd)
Overnight Lodging in Glen Rose (Dinosaur Valley Inn)
Saturday, Day 2;  162 mi., 4 hrs
Morning Visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park (if did not visit Friday)
Depart for Austin (104 mi. to Lampasas)
Get on Hwy 144 southeast 24 mi. to Meridan    
Walnut Springs
Turn left onto K St       
Turn right onto Bosque St         
Turn right onto Hwy 22 southeast 15 mi. to Cranfills Gap
Meridan State Park
Cranfills Gap
Get on Hwy 36 and drive west  
Turn left onto US 281 45 mi. to Lampasas
Lampasas (Gas Stop/Lunch)
Lunch Option: Lisa's Schnitzel House 311 E. 3rd.
Get on US 183 and drive south  58 mi. to Austin


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